Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Harvest Update for 2015

I had such high hopes of blogging more this summer, but it just didn't happen.  I did start an Instagram account.  #lavenderhillutah and I do get a few pictures posted there once in a while. 
I thought after I moved I would have all this free time and space to grow and make things.  I do have space to grow things and my "lavender office" to make and sew things, but the time just never came available. 
I still have boxes in one full side of our garage, all my Hubby wants to do is park his car in the garage before winter.  Ha!  But yes, that is my goal.  Get the boxes taken care of and then I will have more free time to craft.  I have so many ideas of things I want to make. The Tub Teas I did for Mother's Day had a wonderful review.  I want to make them a permanent item for year round. 
So now that harvest is over and all the lavender bushes look round and shaved....the lavender is hanging in the drying shed waiting for us to defoliate and make into sachet....the summer is coming to an end. 
I took pictures along the way, so I will post those all through winter. 
Keep checking back.
~Carli @ Lavender Hill

Friday, June 26, 2015

The DIP.

IF you have tried to call my cell..and I have not returned your call..blame the dip. My new house is located in a dip. A dip that does not get cell service, mail delivery, school bus pick up and cell service. Did I mention I don't have cell service? I literally have to drive about 5 miles into town before my phone can tell me I missed your call or return your call. And believe me, I am in a dip that can not be fixed with other cell is a DIP from........Or, I should change my tune and say it is WoNdErfUl living out in the country? I can grow lots of lavender in the country. smile emoticon

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Purple Cabinet - 2015 - Opening Day at Willard Bay is Tomorrow!

 The Purple Cabinet is stocked and ready!
Willard Bay will be OPEN tomorrow.  Get on down to get your seeds and get signed up for Basket Daze. 
 I'll be getting more of the lovely lavender mugs (with the bee inside) by Mother's day, but for now I am out.  The display is still cute with the little spring chick. 
I have a little spring treat too...that I will put out soon.  It has to do with the bath tub, but are not bath bombs.  I'm really excited for them. I've been gifting them out to my neighbors and friends to get feed back...and even my husband said he liked the Ginger Detox one.  But those details will be on next week's post.  Happy March 1st!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Basket Daze is here again - 2015

At Lavender Hill, we LOVE Willard Bay Gardens.  They have the best perennials.  I will be setting up the purple cupboard next week so when you go in treat your spring fever you can also grab some Lavender Hill goodies. 

It's "Basket Daze" again!
Come plant your Hanging Baskets with us! 

This customer brought in her own pots, you can recycle your's from last year too. 

Open Planting Time; 

9 am - 4 pm     Monday - Saturday
(we need you here by 4 pm so we can finish the days plantings by 5 pm)
March 13 - 28   OR   the first 1000 baskets!
First come, first served.  No reservations needed.

 Weekdays are the slowest, Saturdays mornings are the busiest.

Here's a great chance to get your hands dirty and beat that "Spring Fever"!  Our Basket Daze is one of the most anticipated activities of the year.  You can choose your own plants to have the colors and textures you want for your gardens.  Yes, these are hanging baskets but they can also be re potted into larger patio containers for an instant garden accent, ask us how and we'll show you.
We have over 200 plant choices to choose from!  We organize these plants into four groups that they like to grow in;  

1. Hot & Sunny, they take the brutal heat.
2. Sunny, at least 6 hours of sun to flower well.
3. Shady, they need the shade from noon on or filtered light.
4. Sun or Shade, they're not picky. 

If you'd like, we can help guide you in choosing your plants.  We really just want you to have fun, so let us know how we can help you enjoy your time planting!  If you're unable to come in we can take your order and plant your baskets for you. 

Our greenhouses are not fancy, so wear comfortable clothes and shoes.  You really don't get very dirty when you come in to plant, the big deal is the temperature in the greenhouses.  If the sun is shinning bright then the greenhouses will be quite warm to hot regardless of outside temperatures, you may want to shed down to a tee-shirt.  If it's a cloudy day then the greenhouses will be quite cool to cold and you may want to leave your sweater or coat on.
Come join us for some good old planting fun!

12" baskets are $40.00 each

14" baskets are $50.00 each

TerraCotta & Mocha colors are available in both the 12" & 14" baskets.  Sorry but White is no longer available to us.  

Willard Bay Gardens, LLC 
"The Perennial Place"

We Re-Open for the 2015 Season
on Monday, March 2nd!
March Hours; Monday - Saturday,  9 am - 6 pm

7095 South Highway 89   Willard, Utah   84340-9505
voice; 435-723-1834    fax; 435-734-1313 

 And....seeds are in.