Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lily On The Run

 Little Lily isn't so little anymore.  She loves being outside. The moment I open the front door, she is in the flowers. She keeps me on my toes more than her older brothers ever did. 
 She is into everything, you may even find a Cherrio in your gift bag. She likes to help behind the counter in the gift shop.
We will not be attending any markets this year, but we will be open for U-pick and classes by appointment.  Just give us a call and we will set a date. 801-745-2744

Visitors From Around The World.

Now that Lavender Hill is open for the summer we have had visitors from all around the world come and pick lavender.  

  American English Center
from Recife, Brazil
Mr. Wallace brings his students every year to Utah.  This year it was to visit Lavender Hill and see a "farm setting".  After our garden tour they went for a hayride at Bailey's and lunch at Huntsville BBQ. In my opinion it was a perfect line up for the day.
 A view from the top
 Checking in on the honey bees.
 In the gift shop
 Part of the garden tour
 Relaxing in the shade.
Being from the city they didn't want to leave, they loved the green and the mountains. The thing they loved the most was the carpet in my parents living room.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Directions to Lavender Hill - Eden, Utah

We are going to open Lavender Hill for U-Pick, 
classes and guests this year. Yay!  

If you have never been out to our place, you might need a map. Our physical address is:

Lavender Hill
2770 N. Nordic Valley Drive
Eden, Utah 84310
If you are using Google Maps use the below address.  For some reason (though we have asked them to fix it many times) our physical address does not locate properly.

Lavender Hill
2770 N. Nordic Valley Road
Eden, Utah 84310
And for some reason it works.  

For those of us without GPS, here are some directions with pictures.  You can print a map HERE. 

These directions will be coming from I-15 North or South.

On I-15 Head towards Ogden, Utah.
Take the 12th street exit and head East toward the mountains.

Staying on 12th Street you will cross the train tracks, Wall Ave., Washington Blvd., Harrison Blvd and head up Ogden Canyon 5.6 miles. 

Ogden Canyon
 Once in Ogden Canyon you will be headed toward the Wolf Mountain Ski Resort.
Traffic in Ogden Canyon
 There may be construction through the month of August, so be prepared.  It can be up to a 15 minute wait.
Pineview Dam
 After traveling 5.6 miles you will see Pineview Dam on the left. 
 Take a Left across the dam towards Eden, Liberty.
 Once across the dam, stay on the North side of the lake. 
 You will be headed toward Wolf Mountain.....NOT Wolf Creek.
The (only) road around the lake is SR 158 and will curve around the lake and come to this trail head and a major "Y" in the road. 

 At the "Y" stay to the Left and follow the sign and arrow to Liberty.
 SR 158 will come to a 4 Way stop. At this intersection you will see a Wells Fargo, Maverick gas station, The Valley Market and Pat's Place.
You will be taking a Left onto HWY 162. Travel 1.1 miles on Hwy 162.
 Staying on HWY 162 you will pass the Post Office and Snowcrest Jr. High School on the left.
 The LDS Church will be on your right.  This is a safe place to meet and consolidate your vehicles so you can carpool the rest of the way to Lavender Hill. 
After traveling 1.1 miles you might see this little camouflage sign on your right.  Watch for it because less than 100 feet away on your Left is the turn onto Nordic Valley Drive. I will put some balloons or a sign at this turn to be sure you won't miss it.

 Turn Left onto Nordic Valley Drive and follow it .8 miles up the hill.
 This is a blind corner so take it slow. There is no street parking because off to the right side of the road is a cliff and there is no shoulder on the left. 
 Immediately after the blind corner you will see our sign post on the Left.
 As soon as you come in the drive there is parking for 4 cars.  You are here!
Welcome to Lavender Hill!

The hammock is ready,
The lavender are about to bloom,

and our "Lavender Babies" are looking for homes.
Click HERE to view our calendar for the days we are open.  If you have a group and want to have a private class or tour just give us a call:  1-801-745-2744 and ask for Jackie.
U-Pick Fresh Bundles are $5.00.
Our gift shop will be open too.