Thursday, March 22, 2018

Is it 2018 already?

I can't believe it's already 2018.  Times are flying by and there is change in the air.  Lavender Hill at my parent's house has moved a few miles north to my house.  They are going to retire and I am taking over Lavender Hill. 
Everything is practically the same.  

Same website:
Same email:

And most of all..... the same handmade lavender products! 

The only thing that is different is our classes and tours will be a little more difficult, but I am working that out. 

You can call me if you have any questions!
Carli Brewer - 1 (801) 645 - 4890

Bumper Crop Kick Off Party Pics.

Here are a few links to read up on this Ale:

The Salt Lake Tribune: Lifestyle Section - Bumper Crop was highlited as one of the seasonal brews for this summer.

Bumper Crop was part of the 20th Anniversary Celebration for the Downtown Farmer's Market.

Information about Bumper Crop from a local beer lover.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Harvest Update for 2015

I had such high hopes of blogging more this summer, but it just didn't happen.  I did start an Instagram account.  #lavenderhillutah and I do get a few pictures posted there once in a while. 
I thought after I moved I would have all this free time and space to grow and make things.  I do have space to grow things and my "lavender office" to make and sew things, but the time just never came available. 
I still have boxes in one full side of our garage, all my Hubby wants to do is park his car in the garage before winter.  Ha!  But yes, that is my goal.  Get the boxes taken care of and then I will have more free time to craft.  I have so many ideas of things I want to make. The Tub Teas I did for Mother's Day had a wonderful review.  I want to make them a permanent item for year round. 
So now that harvest is over and all the lavender bushes look round and shaved....the lavender is hanging in the drying shed waiting for us to defoliate and make into sachet....the summer is coming to an end. 
I took pictures along the way, so I will post those all through winter. 
Keep checking back.
~Carli @ Lavender Hill

Friday, June 26, 2015

The DIP.

IF you have tried to call my cell..and I have not returned your call..blame the dip. My new house is located in a dip. A dip that does not get cell service, mail delivery, school bus pick up and cell service. Did I mention I don't have cell service? I literally have to drive about 5 miles into town before my phone can tell me I missed your call or return your call. And believe me, I am in a dip that can not be fixed with other cell is a DIP from........Or, I should change my tune and say it is WoNdErfUl living out in the country? I can grow lots of lavender in the country. smile emoticon