Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our Label

I am also excited that our labels are on their way. It was a bumpy road trying to decide on a final layout. We knew we wanted our label to have an earthy feel, so I used water colors to paint the lavender hills and sprigs. This is the final draft.

Our Card

We are getting closer and closer to being ready. This is a picture of our new business card.

Cookie #2

I have three recipes that I want to try before we decide on a cookie for the Farmer's Market. This one is a little different than the first. It is sweeter and softer than the first. We also made another batch of paper. I tried my lavender of stencil on both sizes of paper. I think I will have to re-cut a stem design for the smaller cards so the leaf pattern is not so repetitive. Anyhow, spring is here and we are excited for the ground to dry out so we can plant the other levels of lavender.

Friday, April 17, 2009


This is a little preview of what our label will look like. This is the 12 x 48" banner that will go on our canopy at the farmers market.