Monday, July 27, 2009

We will be camping.

The weekends of August 1st and 8th we will be camping, so we will not be at the Old Town Eden Farmer's Market. August 14th, 15th,16th you can find us at the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival. See you there!

Friday, July 17, 2009

How to make a Lavender Wand

To start your lavender wand you need to pick a bundle of lavender from your plant. Then you will need to clean an odd number of stems. The odd number of stems ensures the "over under" basket effect you will need later in the process.

After cleaning the amount of stems you want, you need to group them in a bouquet where all of the blossoms are lined up at the base.
Once grouped, take about 7' of double faced satin 1/4" ribbon and tie one end tight at the base of the blossoms.

Then slowly bend each stem down over the blossoms. You should bend the stem right at the ribbon you just tied at the base of the blooms. Bend the stems down evenly to make a "cage" over the blossoms. Pull the long tail of the ribbon out near the top.
With the long tail of ribbon you will weave "over under" each stem. I like to make my wands with 22 stems in groups of 2. This gives me 11 stem groups to weave with, and it makes a nice big wand head. You will hold the wand basket with one hand and weave the ribbon with the other hand. I use my thumb on my left hand to secure and keep the ribbon taunt.

Continue weaving till you reach the bottom of the blossoms. You will have a length of ribbon left over to finish your wand. Because the stems are full of water, they will shrink. At this point I set mine aside till the next day. This allows the stems to shrink and I can go back and tighten the basket area if needed.
Once your stems are dry, you will need to take your hot glue gun and put a small dab of glue at the base of your weave where your ribbon comes out of the last stem. This is to secure the woven ribbon from shifting down the stems. Once your ribbon is secure you can decorate the remander of your wand how you choose. I twist the ribbon down the long stems to make a candy cane stripe and tack it again with hot glue. Then I tie a cute bow and tack it with hot glue in the middle where the basket ended. Depending on where you are going to put yours you can go as far as dressing it up with dried rose buds or babys breath around the ribbon.
(When this one is dried and finished I will post a picture of the end product)
To release the fragrance just roll the woven basket back and forth in your hands a couple of times to "refresh" the oils. Your wand should decorate your sock drawer or desk top for many years.

Lavender Soda

We now have the best refreshing drink in town, that is besides our Lavender Lemonade. It is Lavender Soda. Find it at our booth at the market.