Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Dreams really do come true'

One day I wished upon a star and dreamed a dream of a lavender field. I clicked my heels 3 times and when I woke up I was here...
Some Where over the the rain bow, skies are blue .  There's a land that I dream of where dreams really do come true. 
This was just after a rain storm mid July.
Here it is called "Lavender Lane" instead of the "Yellow Brick Road".

Pictures from the Party on the Blvd.

Our MELTING booth.  It was so hot during this event.  It was a good thing that we had  Lavender Lemonade to cool us off.
My Dad modeling the event T-shirt.
The Weber State girls and boys basketball teams were there.  Live music, the climbing wall and a car show.
We LOVE everything purple.  I couldn't pass up a picture with this flaming purple car. 

There were so many food options.  I had Corbin's pulled pork lettuce wraps for dinner.
'Oh What A Night.' 

Canyons Evening Farmer's Market

For more information go to the website on the truck.
Just off the gondola.
Every Wednesday for the next few months we will be in Park City at the Canyons Farmer's Market.  It runs from 12-6:00 pm. Of course there is great food, crafts and veggies for sale.  But I think the best part is the ride to the restrooms.  You could use the port-a-potty OR you can ride the Cabriolet Gondola and use a flushing toilet at the top.  The ride is fast and the views are great.  Did I mention it is free? 

The view of the market from the gondola
 There is a link in a previous Canyons post if you need a map and directions. But basically you take the Kimball Junction exit and head South.  You will pass the shopping area and the McDonalds..keep going.  Then when you see a Canyons WELCOME sign take a right.  You will see a 7-11 gas station and the market canopies just behind it.  Take a left after the 7-11 and you are there.   
Looking down the line with the ski slopes in the background.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Craving a Lavender book?

We have been hearing about books one after another that we should read or sell.  So I have created a bookshelf with some of these wonderful recommendations.  You can click here to see my bookshelf on SHELFARI, or you can scroll down and see it in the side bar on the right.  Call my friends at the Wisebird Bookery, South Ogden and they can order it for you AND have it sent directly to your home. 

I admired your products yesterday at the Farmer's Market & enjoyed talking with you. Your booth, website, and blog are all wonderful!

Here is the tile to the book I was telling you about,
"The Unlikely Lavender Queen"
Since I have finished reading the book, I thought I could stop by your booth one of these Saturdays & give it to you.

The book was written by the wife of a Ntl. Geographic photographer who decided to start a lavender farm at home in Texas after admiring the lavender fields while he was on location in France. After starting the farm, his wife ended up managing it because he was often away on assignments. You would probably identify with the parts of the book that cover their learning process, from research and experimentation with varieties of lavender, starting and running a business similar to your own, and developing products. Their experience & influence were key the development of a whole region of Texas hill country that is now known for lavender.

Best wishes to you - it's so exciting to meet people who are living their dream! I'll look forward to seeing you when I come to the market next time.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Let's Go South - Well, Layton, UT

Aug 26th, 2010 5:00pm-8:00pm
Lavender Hill will have our booth at the Fourth Annual Party on the Boulevard – Free Admission! Four locally owned, independently operated restaurants decided to shut down the street and throw a party, because you shouldn’t need an excuse to go out and celebrate our local culture!
WHERE: Heritage Park Boulevard between Corbin’s Grille, Roosters Brewing Co., MacCool’s Public House, and Holy Smoke BBQ. 748 W. Heritage Park Blvd.  Layton, Utah 84041

Great food from several independent, locally owned restaurants available for purchase.
Layton Police Department offering FREE fingerprinting print outs for your kids
Restored Cars and Motorcycles Show
Fire Truck tours by the Layton Fire Department
Local Artists selling original art and jewelry
Local Farmers selling fresh produce
Live Music from local bands
Plenty of activities for the kids
And more!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet - Lavender Hill; The Alpaca

"Once upon a time there was a Lavender Farmer who was friends with an Alpaca Farmer. The Alpaca Farmer wanted to plant some lavender in his yard so he too could enjoy the beautiful purple blossoms and the intoxicating fragrance. Or maybe he just wanted something to help him relax after a long day of taking care of alpacas. So one day the Lavender Farmer was helping the Alpaca Farmer plant some lavender in his yard when one of the Mommy alpacas went into labor. The Mommy was having a hard time because the baby was breeched. The farmers worked together and delivered the baby. Out came a furry little girl. In thanks for his help the Alpaca Farmer named an alpaca after the Lavender Farmer’s farm.  Little baby WMRAS"Lavender Hill" is healthy and happy in Eden, Utah and will live happily ever after."

Her registered name is "Wolf Mountain Ranch Alpacas Suri Lavender Hill".

Next year when Lavender Hill is bigger you may get to pet her at our LAVENDER DAY in the garden.
(This will be the day that we are open to the public for tours, u-pick and the unveiling of the new gift shop)

Alpacas are raised to be fiber-producing animals. The hair from one alpaca can make as many as 4 – 6 sweaters. Alpaca hair is light weight, soft and warm. If you want to read more about Alpaca Farming you can click HERE: http://attra.ncat.org/attra-pub/llamaalpaca.html

The Alpaca Farmer is a member of the Inter Mountain West Alpaca Association.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Canyon's Farmer's Market - Lavender Hill is now there!

Have you heard about Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah?
Each Wednesday, starting June 2nd through October, The Canyons will once again host Park City's Farmers' Market from 12:00pm - 6:00pm in the Cabriolet parking lot. Stop by for fresh produce, fresh baked bread and arts and crafts from local vendors.

Starting August 25th, 2010

Driving Directions from the SLC Airport.
From the airport take I-80 East through Salt Lake City. ( I-80 merges with I-15 )
You will now follow I-80 East for about 15 – 20 minutes and take Exit #145 Kimball Junction / Park City.
This exit is the main road that enters Park City and The Canyons. You will be on SR-224.
Follow 224 for two miles from the exit and take a right at the stop light on to The Canyons Resort Drive.
Continue a short distance up to The Canyons.
Day Skiers: Turn left just past the 7-Eleven and park in the Cabriolet parking lot and ride the Cabriolet into the village.

*If you like Google maps, Click HERE  and you can type in your address and get directions from your house right to our booth.

*For more information on the Canyon's Market and other events you can click HERE

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bear Lake Raspberry Days 2010 - Wind Storm - We survived

Bear Lake Raspberry Days.

All in a weekend: a parade, the rodeo, music, raspberry shakes and the craft market. The Vendor’s application said that there would be wind every evening and that corner weights were required. Little did we know what that fully meant. Notice the grey sky in the background. 

Thursday was a great day. When the evening came so did the wind and a little rain as warned, but we survived.
The second day started sunny. We could see the dark clouds rolling in, but the weather report was only a 20% chance of rain (Same as the day before – of which we survived). The girls next to us said that her mom called and said the wind was coming. We thought to ourselves that we would be fine and decided to not start taking down our booth til it was necessary. About 5 min after the phone call the wind came with pelting rain. Out of the blue, a warm day turned into a day of ambulances, crumpled canopy frames, damaged product and dripping wet people. We tossed all of our product into our totes as fast as we could. With the help of others we got our canopy top off and collapsed our booth. Once secure, we helped those around us salvage their booths. After a few hours we were so cold and wet that we had to get out of the rain. On our way back to the hotel I got a shot of the storm cloud that caused all of the trouble. A warm shower and a soft bed were welcome at the end of this day.
This is what the market soon looked like in all directions.
This was a walk way for shoppers.  It quickly filled up with debris and vehicles.
This is our booth all packed away. Notice the sand bags to hold things down.
Brave vendors.  Their pottery was heavy enough that the wind didn't blow it away.  They said they were going to, "Wait it out" (while using their canopy for protection from the rain).
This area was soon the "Canopy Graveyard"  for all of the frames that were twisted and mangled in the wind. 
A HUGE thanks to the local Fire Department and EMS. When they weren't transporting injured people (injured from flying canopies), they were a big help.
Fallen Trees. 
More help is on the way, which is good because......
 And yes, this smile is a bit forced.  I was not a happy vendor by this point. My dress was so full of water I had to wring it out before I got into the car.    
Note to self: Do not wear a DRESS in a wind storm, it will have a mind of it's own and blow up around your neck.  It was a good thing that everyone was  concentrated on saving their booths to pay much attention to me and my flighty dress.
The villainous cloud.
Who can stay mad at a rain cloud?   Especially when it winks at you on it's way out!

We went back to our booth in the morning to assess the damage and do a recovery. We didn’t think that the market would be open due to the damage from the storm. When we arrived the tents were up and people arriving to do some shopping, so we stayed. Our damaged product was marked down and we had a little “Wind Blown Sale”.
Let the shopping begin.
This guy was a good sport.  His lips are getting "Lavenderized" with our Lavender Peppermint Lip Moisturizer.
I even did some shopping.  These purple earrings were custom made just for me by the girls next door:

The market ended at 6:00pm and at 6:01pm we were in line to get a fresh raspberry shake at Hometown Drive In.
We waited in line for an hour, no joke. 
Mom enjoying her shake.
And here is mine...waiting for me to put down the camera.  YUM!  Thanks for the treat Dad.

We loaded up and followed the migration of cars out of Garden City.
On the way out I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of the lake. So here is Bear Lake, teal and beautiful...in my side mirror.  After the storm the day before it was a lighter teal color.  It was as if the top layer had been blended and shaken til frothy.  It looked like something you would find in the Caribbean, minus the storm cloud.


Bye Bye Bear Lake.

I found a cute TIE blog that has pictures of the storm, you can click here to see

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Picnic on the Hill, July 17th

It has taken me a while to get these pictures posted, but there they are.
  Lavender Hill's
Picnic on the Hill  
We had some close friends and family out for dinner.  Ben make pulled pork for sandwiches.  He rubbed some with his homemade rub, and then the other half with a lavender lemon pepper rub.  Both were delicious.  Then he made his cabbage/yellow pepper coleslaw that was seasoned with Lavender Hill's Herbs de Provence. I made Lavender Lemon Cookies for dessert.  Of course there was Lavender Lemonade to drink.  Everyone brought side salads.  The salads were made of  fruit and cream, broccoli and almonds, cayenne and pasta, and fresh cut watermelon. Can I just say YUM!
Dad and Martey
Table decoration
Resting in the shade
Ben and I
The lavender about to bloom
Kent wearing Cathy's glasses
A few products on display

The Lavender Lady
Chatting in the garden
The whole gang.
Also, a big thanks for Cathy for taking all of the pictures. 

I took this one, it is the only shot of the food that I had. I was too busy eating and chasing the boys around to get a good table shot. Oh well, next time.