Sunday, October 31, 2010

The road to lavender bliss is paved with natural slate.

My brother Josh came out to help lay the slate for the entry to our gift shop. 

It's Up.

I am SO excited for the Borrowed Earth Emporium.  They put up their sign!  So head to downtown Ogden and check it out.  Inside is yoga classes, tea, artwork and
Lavender Hill.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mutton Hollow Country Barn Christmas Boutique

Get ready to get your Christmas shopping done early!

Our Lavender Hill booth will be upstairs. 
CASH ONLY - Central Checkout
If you go to the calendar at the bottom of the blog and click on this event it will give you a Google Maps link to get directions from your house to the event.


All set up - English Garden SLC

The English Garden is all set up. 
I love those little monster dolls in the background.
Hydrangea and other indoor foliage, perfect for your desk or window still.
Local goodies.
Our display. Get ready to RELAX for the Holidays.
By the time that we were done setting up it was dark outside.  This hallway is all glass and during the day it is full of natural lighting.  Next time I go I will make sure that I capture a hallway shot so you can see how beautiful this library is.  (or you could just go to the library in person).  There is a sandwich shop, coffee shop, vintage cloths, a little book store and much more. 

I also LOVE orchids.  (Shhh..don’t tell my Lavender plants).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The English Garden - SLC

If you have become accustomed to getting your lavender fix at the SLC Farmers Market on 400 S… can now stay on 400 S and still get your lavender fix.  
The ENGLISH GARDEN now carries our products. 
They are the cutest little shop INSIDE the Salt Lake City Public Library.  You do have to wait till Thursday because we are setting up tomorrow evening.  I know the suspense is killing you.

Their store has the cutest little trinkets (there is a lady bug magnet that I must get), they have an assortment of unique live plants and they can custom make any arrangement for you.  

The English Garden
210 E 400 S
Salt Lake City, UT
(801) 364-6202

I will post more pictures on Thursday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Sunday Wands

I can only make so many at one time before my hands start to cramp.  This is my maximum for one sitting.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner

TONIGHT at the Davinci Academy the
PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) is having a spaghetti dinner to raise money for a new school marque and equipments for the athletic department.
It is at 6:00pm.  There will be an auction for this basket and many other items donated by your local community.  Support the Kids!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

You are what you eat?

How about, "You are what you drink from"?  Can you tell which mug is mine?  The other one is my husband's.  I think that these mugs represent our personalities to a "T".

Monday, October 18, 2010

Closer Look

A closer look at our Lavender Fire Starters.  I am telling you, you will love them.

Phase 3

Last fall we planted Phase 2.  This fall we are prepping the soil for Phase 3, which we will plant in the spring.  My Dad got the tractor and tore out a bunch of scrub oaks, dug the trenches and tore out as many root systems as he could.  We still have to amend the soil within the trenches due to the high clay content, but that will happen in the spring.

Purple Suede

I found my new favorite's purple suede.  It is the new fabric for our lavender and flax eyepillows.

Sunday - making wands

On Sunday's quiet afternoons I like to make lavender wands while the kids take their naps.  The sun comes through the window and I sit in that sunny spot on the floor.

Good Bye Salt Lake Market.

 October 16th marks the last farmers market for the year.  The band played it's last time, the leaves started to change color and my little Joe drank the last of the Lavender Lemonade.  See you next year. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Facebook Fans - Daily Updates

I try to not let more than 5-7 days go past with out posting something to the blog. There are so many pictures and things I want to say, but no time.  Sometimes all I have time for is a quick comment on 
page like, "Storm approaching.  We will not be at the Canyons Market today". 

And then I thought, "not everyone is a part of Facebook, so how can they see these daily comments?"  
Well, now you can. 
I added a little badge on the lower right hand side of this blog.  It shows that day's most current post.  You can click it, see it and read it without being sucked into a social network.  Cool Huh?  I thought so. 

Wonderful Letters

We LOVE to hear from our customers.
We love to hear how our product has "helped smooth out those crows feet". How our lotion has "helped heal that dry eczema patch". How the cookies, "remind you of your Grandmother". How you haven't been able to sleep at night, but now that you drink our Aloha tea before bed it, "helps you get a good nights rest".
Here is one of those Wonderful emails sent just yesterday.


I just wanted to compliment you on the amazing lavender business you have established.  I was so amazed when I discovered a lavender farm in Eden.  I live in Centerville and never thought it could be grown successfully with your harsh winters.  I enjoy reading your blog...thanks for taking the time to document your experiences and share them.  I look forward to when the lavender china will be available....any idea as to when you will have it for sale?  I would love to drive up and see your farm in person one of these days....I will be in touch to coordinate.  Again, my congratulations on your success.

Cynthia Stout

Fall - Fire Starters

It is now fall and we have  
Lavender Fire Starters
  at the market.  
After our bundles are dry we defoliate them to make our sachet.  The loose sachet we sift through a number of screens for cleaning and then it is ready to put into our products.  The bundles of dry stems are then tied with ribbon and ready to sell as "Fire Starters".  You know how some people put pine cones in a basket next to the fireplace to help set the mood without having a huge pile in bug filled wood in the room?  Well this is the same thing, except you actually can use the lavender fire starter as a fire starter.  So if you have a wood burning stove and like a smudgy-woody-floral smell, then this is for you. 
This picture was taken by one of our customers.  Thanks Jill
Also another added benefit: the lavender repels moths and scorpions that may be hiding in the wood pile.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lavender Hill is now at Gardner Village

Don't let all of the witches scare you away from Gardner Village this fall. 
Come and find that special gift at Aunt Elsie's.
The front porch is so welcoming. 
The ladies can help you find what ever you are looking for.  The store is sectioned into colors.  There is a blue wall, a pink nook and of course a
Our PURPLE display.  When walking through the hallway be sure to smell our handmade soap and sample our all natural lavender & rosemary lotion. 
This season our wreaths sold like hot cakes.  These are the LAST two. 
So grab your broom and ride it all the way to Gardner Village and do some Holiday shopping.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Italian Soda

 Here is another recipe from my sister-in-law.
Jen Writes:

The Suburb Experiment: Italian Soda: "I finally had all the ingredients in one place at the same time to make Lavender Italian sodas!  Pour 2 T lavender simple syrup into a glass over ice. Fill the rest of the glass with club soda, Add a splash of half-and-half. Stir gently and enjoy!

It's delicious.

Harvest 2010

In the summer when our lavender starts to bloom we cut bundles to sell fresh at the Farmer's Markets and bundles to hang and dry in the drying shed to sell as dried bouquets during the off season.  Usually by the end of summer all of the lavender bushes look like turtle mounds.  This year, we have left 20 plants in full bloom for the BEES.  My Dad has a few hives and next year you just might get to taste some
from Lavender Hill. 
Here is a little guy in action.
Photo taken by Carli Brewer. 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harvest Moon 2010

The packed isle in front of our booth.  
I like this shot because everyone at the booth is a guy.  Didn't you know guys like lavender too?
New lavender serving trays.
Mugs to match.  Perfect for tea or hot chocolate.
One of the bike races during the day.  Nobody flipped over the railings like last year, thank goodness.
It was a long day of perfect weather.  The Harvest Moon Celebration, in my opinion, was twice as fun as last year.  There were the bike races again, TONZ of food and drinks, and double the market vendors.  It was packed from 6:00am to 6:00pm. The bands that played filled the air with music and the streets with dancing.  The kids were passing our booth with their faces painted and animal balloon creations.  It reminded me of that scene in the movie You've got Mail with Meg Ryan. The Scene where they are at the farmers market winning fish and listening to stories during the magical story time and the Shop around the Corner.  Here are a couple of my favorite shops and restaurants.
Yummy, Yummy food at Roosters.
If you are looking for cute garden art or home decor, this is the place.  There were a few others, but I didn't make it to the end of the street.  Dragonfly Heath foods has bulk herbs and a delicious deli. Great Harvest has Cinnamon Burst Bread... and the list goes on and on, and on.  

Lavender Hill Home Party

Last month we had our FIRST
Lavender Hill Home Party.
My Sister-in-Law sent out some invitations and I brought the Lavender Chocolate. 
It was an Open House from 4pm-6pm. 
In the kitchen we had dessert.  Lavender Lemon Cookies, Lavender Lemonade and Lavender Chocolate.  Outside under the pergola her guests relaxed in the shade and had the chance to try out our product line.  I taught a wand class and answered many questions about lavender and how to grow it. Alot of the ladies started to get their Christmas shopping done. And if the only thing you did at the party was close your eyes and relax while sipping lemonade, then it was a success.  
If you would like to schedule a Lavender Hill Home Party at your house, just let me know.  Call (801) 475-5570 or email ( me and we can set a date. 
This picture was taken just before we started to clean up.  We had to pull ourselves out of great conversation and the soft patio chairs to get things put away before it got dark. 
I know this picture is dark, but it shows the amazing pergola better than the other picture.