Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little handmade touch.

With the many products that we make we think of you.  How is this going to ship to you? How does this read for you, will you like it, will you be able to put this in your car or your purse? Will this last for you, is this what you would want?  We make everything with you in mind, you being our wonderful customers.  Many of our newest products are creations from your imagination.  We have been listening to all of your suggestions and requests during the Farmers Markets and Boutiques this past year.

We hope you make the time this year to be our guest at Lavender Hill.  Because when you are out in the lavender garden and we see you take that deep breath with your eyes closed, with your chin to the sun and a smile sneaks across your face, we know you get it.  We know that in that moment you understand why we love what we do. If we can give you the opportunity to enjoy life, relax and most of all smile, we have done exactly what Lavender Hill has set out to do: our job.  Everything that we make we hope that you "get it" and see our little handmade touches. Because you know, they are all for you!

At one of our gift shops we sell our Lavender Lemon Cookies.  The cookie box was looking a bit simple, so I attempted to wood burn a lemon and some lavender on the side to give it some jazz and a little handmade touch.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Drying Shed in a winter frost.

Winter is Here! Frost encrusted twigs.
The Drying Shed.
Here you can see the picnic table and the benches around the fire pit. On the right you can see little bumps in the snow. Those are our lavender in hibernation.
The sun was out and the snow was glistening. It has formed ice crystals on the surface because of the fog and temperatures.
You can sort of get a perspective on where the two sheds are in this picture. You can also see the elevation change on our property...and this is the "flatter" area. So bring your walking shoes when you come out this spring.

The drying shed is almost done. In the spring we will paint the trim green to match the garden shed. We are going to put a cupola on top with a moose or fox weather vain and we are going to equip the rafters with twine to hold bundles of lavender after our fall harvest. This past few months it has been cold outside. In the mornings the fog is thick and it freezes on each branch. I wish that the lavender was in bloom and I could get a picture of a frost covered lavender sprig.