Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wand Making Class at Willow

One of the events at Willow included me teaching a wand class.  The lavender at our place is a month behind and a little short so I had to cut some lavender from a local restaurant's landscaping.  Don't worry, I asked first. 

THANK YOU TEMARI for saving the day! 
They are a cute little sushi place on 40th, just off Washington Blvd. in South Ogden.  Their food is SO good you have to make reservations just to eat there.  Click on the link above to see details.

~Wand Class~
There were 8 ladies that came to the class. Making your first wand is a little intimidating with the stems going every which way, but everyone did great.  I even learned something.  Mindy (one of the owners), taught me how to make a killer bow.  To finish the wand I secure the ribbon with hot glue and tie a simple bow.  She showed me how to create a bow with 3 loops on either side.  I didn't get a picture, but I will next time I make some wands. 
It was a good thing there was iced Aloha Lavender Tea to keep us cool during the class on the patio. 

Willow - Pictures from last weekend

It may have been hot on Saturday, but it was well worth it.  Willow's Lavender and Herb weekend was Beautiful.  They spruced up the gift shop with new paint and displays.  They brought out all of their cute spring garden arrangements and accessories.  They even had fresh summer salads and my Lavender Lemon Cookies to munch on while you were shopping or attending one of the many classes.  Here are a couple pictures. 
The shop is an old historic house. SO cute.
Lavender Hill corner right when you walk in...I love the purple walls.
Lavender and Bay leaf wreath.

FRESH flowers
Aloha Lavender Tea on ice....Very refeshing.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Willow - This weekend

in Bountiful is having their
 Lavender Days & Herb Festival. 

I am going to be teaching a Wand Making class on Friday the 25th.  Demo: 1:30 pm,
Class: 2:00pm - Call Willow (801-397-0536) and reserve your spot. The cost is $5.00
There are more event details on Willow's Facebook Event page.
I don't know what to say that would do them justice.  You have to go to the store and SEE how beautiful their flower arrangements are.  And if you are planning a wedding, I would go here for your flowers.  To see some photos go to the photo gallery on their site.


SLC Farmers Market pictures.

I remembered to take some pictures this week.  It was a warm day and the park was full of people.  Our booth is on the 400 South side and toward the South East corner.  This Saturday (06-26-10) will be our last day at the SLC market. 

July 3rd we will be in our neck of the valley at the Huntsville Town Celebration

And July 10th starts the Historic Ogden 25th street Farmers Market.

We will be there Opening Day and most Saturdays through out this summer.  Just go to the bottom of this blog page and see our CALENDER.  If you need a map and details just click on the event.

Family Fresh Foods

Support your local Family Fresh Foods Market in Washington Terrace, UT. and find my Lavender Lemon Cookies.  I bake there every Friday to prepare for Farmers Market on Saturday.  So if you like them hot right out of the oven stop by around 2:00pm and have a sample.

And if you are not yet a fan of my cookies, you still have to come in and see their HUGE salad bar.  It is amazing.  And their deli has every sort of dinner option you can think of.  

Friday, June 18, 2010

Spanish Lavender

At Lavender Hill we don't grow any Spanish Lavender.  This is because of the cold temperatures during the winter and they are one of those "high maintenance" lavenders, if you know what I mean.  But for those that don't know what they look like here is a close up.  They don't smell very good and are not used in cooking (that I know of), but they do keep their colorful tufts a very long time.

A few spring pictures

This spring has been cold so things are slow getting started.  We have cleaned out all of the lavenders.  Here is a shot of one of those mouse apartments I had mentioned.  Also a shot from the top of the hill looking down on phase 2 of our planting and Poppy's Shed.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

DOWNTOWN - Borrowed Earth Emporium

Lavender Hill is excited to announce we are DOWNTOWN. The lights are much brighter, you can forget all your worries and go DOWNTOWN!
(I know that may date me a little)
2242 Washington Blvd. at the
Borrowed Earth Emporium.

They have Massage, Yoga, Coffee, a deli (where they sell “Barely Buzzed” Beehive Cheese), wonderful sitting areas to do homework or just talk and they sell LOCAL goods. From hand crafted wood cutting boards to candles and now LAVENDER stuff.

 Check out their website for scheduled events and live music.
The store is just across the street from the Junction Theater and the I FLY building. The crosswalk leads you right to the Borrowed Earth’s front door.

It is next door to Tookiloo consignment boutique.

While setting up my display I noticed
 offers Massage Therapy upstairs.
**personal story to show how great she is: I was 7-8 months pregnant and very sick. I had horrible headaches and the medication that the doctors gave me would knock me out to the point that I was in bed all day long. Long story short I went to Lori and had a ‘cranial sacral’ treatment to relieve some of the tension causing my headaches. IT WORKED. After my treatment I felt so much lighter. She said that her, “hands were burning off”. I guess during this treatment there are certain pressure points that when touched relieve toxins and tension. The transfer of these toxins from me to her made her hands hot. I think that I am saying that correctly. Anyhow…She is amazing.**