Monday, August 22, 2011

U-Pick Day

  Baskets Ready
Just follow the balloons.
This purple butterfly glittered in the sun all day long.  Here are a few pictures from through out the day.
 First Group.
 Bright and early before it got too hot.
 A stroll in the garden
This couple just came to meander through the garden. 
Relaxing in the swing
If you didn't want to pick, you could sit back and relax in the swing "with a view".
"How To" classes in the shade
 Wand Classes and Doily Demo in the morning.
A great group of ladies!
"Lavender 101"
My Mom showing a group from Logan how to cut "cuttings".
Evening Groups
There was a little break during lunch time, but then more groups started to come around 6:00pm.
It was a perfect evening for pickin'
 Even the guys enjoyed cutting lavender.
 Elbows deep!
The evening shade was welcome.
If you didn't get a chance to come out and pick, don't worry.  Next year we will have more U-Pick days avaliable.  Just check the calendar about mid June 2012.  See you at the Farmer's Market on Saturday!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

U-PICK - Monday Aug, 15th, 2011

We will be open for U-pick Monday from 9am-9pm

9:00am  - U-Pick begins.  
Fill your twist tie for $4.00.  We will provide clippers, twist tie, a basket, Lavender Lemon Cookies and Lavender Lemonade all day long.
9:30am - Lavender 101 class: 
Tips on planting lavender in your yard.
 10:00am - Wand Demo & Class. 
 Hands on class fee is $12.00 
10:30am - Lavender Doily Crochet Demo.
Lovely Maryanne will be demonstrating how to crochet a Lovely Lavender Doily.  Patterns available for take home.  Perfect little lavender accents. 

9:00pm  - U-Pick ends.
Depending on what time the sun sets and what time the mosquitoes start when we will be done for the day.  Last week it was about 8:30pm.
~ Pictures from last Monday's U-Pick ~
The sun was out.
Shade canopy was up.
 Honey bees were buzzing.
U - Pickers picking.

 Yay for U - Pick!
 The sun went behind the mountain but we were out there til dark.
Hope to see you on Monday!

Our address: 2770 N. Nordic Valley Dr.  Eden, Utah.  Google calls our street Road.  Click HERE for a map. If you get lost please give us a call: 801-745-2744 - home, 801-815-9358 - Jackie's cell.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

U of U Ebony & Ivory Fundrasier: Lavender Hill Gift Basket

Ebony & Ivory Gala at La Caille
August 20, 2011
Benefiting the University Neuropsychiatric Institute

5:30 - 7:30 pm  Cocktail Reception and Silent Auction
7:30  - 9:00 pm Dinner and Live Auction
9:00 pm Live Band & Dancing

Presented by the Mark & Kathie Miller Foundation.
For more information, contact the University Hospital Foundation at 801.587.6500 or visit
 Lavender Hill is happy to donate a gift basket to help raise money for this cause.
The University of Utah Hospital Foundation’s Annual Gala Fundraiser. One of our goals this year is to highlight local artists and businesses. Everything you donate will be used to raise money for the new expansion of the University Neuropsychiatric Institute, in Research Park.
Did you know that of Utah’s
approximately 2.7 million residents, over a quarter of a
million of them are in need of mental health treatment and
that only 22% of them receive appropriate care? Plus, the
likelihood of finding an inpatient bed for the most severely
affected is 0. In the past few decades there has been a slow,
significant change in the way that mental illnesses are
perceived and treated. At University of Utah Health Care,
we know that with proper diagnosis and treatment, many
people improve their mental health and experience a
better, happier, and more productive quality of life.

For more information, contact the University Hospital Foundation at 801.587.6500 or visit 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

More pictures of the "Harvesting" process

 Cutters, basket and rubber bands are ready.
 The Coconut Ice is an English variety. 
 This one is 3 years old and full grown.  It will always be this short.
 All of those beautiful white spikes are bundles and ready to take to Lyle to make wreaths.
This wreath has bright blue larkspur and if you look close you can see the Coconut Ice toward the center.

Lavender Sunset

I was out in the garden the other night.
 I sat on the bench and waited for the sun to set. It was good that I did, because this is what I saw.
 If you lay down between the lavender bushes and look up this is what you would see.
 The sunset casted a pink glow over everything.
I think this sedum and Hidcote are the same colors as the sunset.
Lavender colors in the sky.

Harvest time is near

 English Lavender, is ready to cut.
 English Lavender are shorter,
... and the color is bold.  English lavender also come in white and pink.
 I cut both of these in the morning and by noon they were in new forms, wreaths.
These will be for Swiss Days. Swiss Days is a 2 day event that is CRAZY. It is  always the first week of September in Heber, Utah.
Our Grosso is JUST ABOUT ready for harvest.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August - Farmer's Almanac

1 - Fertilize cukes and broccoli
3 - Treat cornworm, if needed
4 - Bait trap yellow jackets and wasps
5 - hose plants down on hot days
7 - Set out fall veggie transplants

8 - Don't let cukes get to large
10 - Harvest daily in morning and evening
13 - Sow turnip and parsnip seeds

16 - Freeze berries to make jam later
17 - Clean and fertilize strawberries beds
18 - Harvest peaches, can and freeze them
21 - Protect peppers from 90+ degree heat

22 - Water camellias deeply
23 - Do not let potted plants dry out
24 - Fertilize and water lawn
25 - Remove blossoms to ripen set tomatoes
26 - Plant winter kale, brussels sprouts
27 - Check ornamentals for root weevils
28 - Prune caneberries after harvest

29 - Sow arugula and fall mesclun seed
30 - Keep fruit picked up around trees
31 - Take geranium cuttings

July - Farmer's Almanac

2 - Stake tomatoes
4 - Independence Day
5 - Cover blueberries with netting
6 - Control caterpillars with Bt.
7 - Mulch to conserve soil moisture

8 - net fruit trees if necessary
9 - Stake tall flowering plants
10 - Mound soil around base of potato plants
12 - Harvest summer squash while small
13 - Weed and fertilize rhubarb

16 - Feed and water corn frequently
17 - harvest green beans while small
18 - Weed and water asparagus thoroughly
19 - Harvest herbs for drying
21 - Removed diseased fruit from trees

24 - Take semi-ripe cutting of shrubs
25 - Deadhead faded flowers
26 - Prune wisteria
27 - Sow seeds for fall veggies

29 - Check for spider mites
30 - Keep basil pinched back
31 - Plant annuals for fall color

June - Farmer's Almanac

1 - Plant corn and beans
2 - Plant tomatoes outdoors
3 - Move houseplants outdoors
4 - Set out melon transplants
5 - Set our annual bedding plants
7 - Divide clumps of primroses

9 - Thin and weed seedlings regularly
10 - Stop picking asparagus
11 - Pick strawberries daily
12 - Prune lilacs after blooming
13 - Net cherry trees

16 - Feed rhodies and azaleas
17 - Be sure raised beds get enough water
18 - Remove suckers from roses
19 - Dig and store bulbs
20 - Father's Day
21 - Summer begins

22 - Thin apples and pears
23 - Hose off white fly and aphids
25 - Watch for cabbage worms
27 - Support new caneberry shoots
30 - avoid cutting lawn to short

May - Farmer's Almanac

3 - Bring out stored fuchsias and geraniums
4 - Prepare and plant new asparagus beds
5 - Cinco de mayo
6 - Aquarid meteor shower
7 - Test irrigation system

9 - Mother's Day
10 - Feed fruiting plants potassium
12 - Spray fruit trees for brown rot
14 - Begin sowing seed in succession

16 - Thin heavily cropped peaches
17 - Plant mums for fall color
18 - Plant Dahlias
20 - Take root cuttings of delphinium
21 - Sow seeds for warm weather crops

22 - Plant and set out hanging baskets
23 - Mulch cane fruits
26 - Prune forsythia after flowering
27 - Make manure tea
29 - Put up supports for beans, cukes

April - Farmer's Almanac

1 - April Fool's Day
2 - Good Friday
3 - Sow cool weather veggie seeds
6 - Pull weeds from veggie beds. 
7 - Put out safe bait for slugs and snails

8 - Add needed fertilizer to beds
10 - Put compost around perennials
11 - Transplant cool weather veggies
12 - Feed lettuce a balanced fertilizer
13 - Use float row covers as needed

16 - Feed lettuce a balanced fertilizer
17 - Prune and shape ornamentals.
19 - Spray dogwoods with copper fungicide
20 - Spray roses for blackspot & mildew

23 - If temperatures permit plant gladioli
24 - Use floating row covers to deter pests
25 - Plant marigold and phlox transplants
26 - Cut back brown foliage on bulbs
27 - Monitor strawberries for aphids
28 - Dead head spring flowers

29 - Thin seedlings
30 - Keep ground around fruit trees clean