Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Visitor - Max the Moose

This week Lavender Hill has had a visitor.  He is tall, dark and eats scrub oak.  We shall call him Max. 
We have had many animals visit over the years.  Do you remember the fox?  Of course there are deer, they eat all of our roses.  We often have a crane/blue heron type bird bathe in our little pond and eat our coy in the summer time.  It is always an adventure at Lavender Hill.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Another picture to help get through winter.

Can you see me?  I am cutting little lavender starts.  Throughout the year we cut little starts that once rooted turn into our, "Lavender Babies".  Grosso does not put out seeds, so if you want a Grosso plant you have to propagate it from cuttings. 

This is one of my favorite places during the summer. I am head first into this lavender. I can remember how hot it was when this picture was taken. The air was so warm and infused with lavender aroma.  The bees were buzzing and my kids were playing on the grass behind me.  Anyhow, this picture is one that helps get me though winter.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year's Goal

This year it is my goal to paint more.  I am a "sort-of-artist".  Did you know that?  You may have, because I do paint our cards, but other than that I haven't painted in a LONG LONG LONG time.  I also like to craft.  Did you know that? 

This is the way I see it. 
If you don't use your talents you loose them. 
So this year it is my goal to paint and craft more.  I have added on the lower right of the blog a "My Lavender Craft Creations & Art" list where I will link my handmade lavender crafts.  These would be one of I kind items that are not in our regular product line.  For example: I bought (last summer) 4 grass totes.  I am planning on painting lavender sprigs on the front and selling them at the market. The catch is that I only have 4, so once they are gone they are gone.   

I have also added a "Our Garden Tips & Pictures" list.  This is so you can easily stroll through our garden without all of the other posts in the way.  Perfect for that day that you just need to see some purple and sunshine.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Aunt Elsie's Newsletter

Each month Aunt Elsie's sends out their news letter.  Each month they highlight one of their consignors in the shop.  
For January they highlighted LAVENDER HILL!

Click on the link below to read a short interview about how we got started. Read all of the article you will see at the bottom that there is a little treat for you if you mention the newsletter while shopping at Aunt Elsie's.

Direction to Gardner Village click: HERE

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not a single Guess?

I posted this picture a few weeks past
 and this picture too.
 I asked the question if anybody knew where the door or the path led, and nobody had an answer, not even a guess.  I half expected my Mom (who knows full well where they lead) to give an answer, but nope.   

Here is the answer:   
~ The path and door lead to our lavender office ~
Inside our office there is this very old piece that we painted to hold some of our products. There is also my Grandmother's buffet that we are going to antique green to display our Bath and Body line on (not pictured).  This summer we are hoping to have it all done up cute, so if you happen to stop by on a "U-PICK Lavender Day", you can also see what we have been working on.  

Here are few pictures of my Brother Josh setting the path.  

We are planning on rocking around the door and adding some carriage lanterns and of course planting  flowers along the path.  I have this cute garden entry all planned out with a setting bench and bird houses and our little "Lavender Babies" in a Radio Flyer wagon for sale.  
Can you picture it too?

Valentine Decorations

Valentines Day is just around the corner.  I made some hearts to decorate a few of our displays.  I am going to paint some wooden hearts to hang at the MS event on the 12th of Feb.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vibrant Colors

I was looking through pictures from 2010 because we need to find a 5-12 good products shots to put in with our application for Swiss Days. 
While looking, I found a gem of a picture.  
I took it some time during or after Raspberry Days, mid August 2010. 
It reminds me of the warm summer days where I would work in the lavender garden in my bare feet. Ahhh. Sigh. Look how green the grass is and how blue the sky.  I am a summer girl counting down the days of winter.
I look outside and it is starting to snow.  We need the water so I can't complain.  Mr. Frost, I give you 3 more months tops.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lavender Hot Chocolate

picture by une-deuxsenses
It has been SO very cold these past few days.  I think that I have had a cup of hot chocolate in my hands 24/7.  My Mom came by and I had my lavender mug (the one with the cute bee on the inside) full of hot chocolate.  My Mom asked, " Is that Lavender Hot Chocolate?".  It wasn't, but it should have been...and it should have been made from THIS scrumptious recipe. 

I found this recipe on this blog: 
 She has a mix of posts about food, fashion and crafts. 
Visit both links because they both have posted amazing pictures of the process of making this dessert.

*hint: if you don't have a strainer you can put the lavender blossoms into a tea bag.  
After you have let the lavender infuse the milk it is quick and easy to extract the blossoms. 
I like this picture too. It is always good to have
some culinary lavender around the kitchen.
picture from a' la mode blog.

Lavender Hot Chocolate
Yields: 2 servings
Original recipe here.

Notes: since the lavender is fragrant, adjust the amount according to your preference. For a creamier hot chocolate, a 1:1 ratio or dark to milk chocolate can be used. 

For the hot chocolate:
2 cups whole milk
3 oz. dark chocolate (70% cacao)
1 oz. milk chocolate
1/4 tsp. lavender buds

For the whipped cream:
1/2 cup cold heavy whipping cream
1/4 tsp. vanilla extract or seeds from 1/4 of a vanilla bean pod
1/2 tbsn. sugar

For the whipped cream, place the cold cream, vanilla and sugar into a cold mixing bowl. Beat the mixture with a whisk or mixer until stiff peaks form. Keep refrigerated until ready for use. For the hot chocolate, beat the milk and lavender over medium heat, whisking occasionally until the milk begins to simmer. Remove from the heat and let the lavender steep for 5 minutes. Strain the lavender and return the milk to the saucepan. Over medium heat, add the chocolate and mix until the chocolate is melted and incorporated. Whisk the milk mixture for 10 - 20 seconds or until frothy. Pour into a large mug and serve with a dollop of whipped cream.

Eat & Stay Warm!