Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to posting...winter is near.

 I haven't posted much this summer because things have been so busy.  We didn't do any markets this year, we had our place open for U-pick and tours.  Between wand classes, garden tours, 3 kids and keeping our gift shops stocked we didn't have much time for anything else.

My Dad finished the steps on Phase 4 and a few other rock projects.  The garden fence posts are in and ready for their cross sections.  The scrub oak trunks that we cleared from around the property make up the posts and beams, it is going to be really cute.
 We had quite the harvest.  The hot summer forced everything to bloom a bit early...right before Swiss Days.  So we had to harvest and prep for Swiss Days all at the same time. (pictures soon)
 We had Photographers out this year.  Because most of the major landscaping is done, we thought we would give it a try.  I'll put our photography contract on our blog this winter. 
We did private garden tours and we were open for u-pick.  3 times we had brides and her bridesmaids come out the morning of the weddings and pick lavender for their bouquets. They said it was the best way to start the day.

Now that the cold has come, I'll be inside more and have time to post.  I have so many wonderful pictures from this summer.  
Stay tuned.