Monday, July 28, 2014

Bloom, Buzz, Bloom!

It has been very Bizzzzzzy around here!
 It has been so hot this last week everything has gone into bloom. 
 We have had to start harvesting. 
We try to harvest in the early morning, before it gets scorching hot. And of course a purple stool comes in handy, because everything is purple around here.  
 We cut our bundles and hang them to dry.  It is like a lavender sauna in here during the day because of all the moisture the lavender gives off. 
 The cut lavender plants get trimmed and shaped into little "turtle mounds" and they will stay this shape till next spring. 
So if you are wanting to come out, this week is the last week.  Check the calendar for dates and times. 
Garden tours and wand classes are filling up quickly. 


Friday, July 4, 2014

First Market Disaster

Last night was the first night of the Ogden Valley Open Market. 
I thought I had this one in the bag. 
                   ...I should have know better......
I had stayed up late all week making product (after just returning form vacation).
I had scheduled a babysitter.
I had set up the night before and made sure all my table cloths and risers were in my totes ready to go. 
 It was a beautiful day and the birds were chirping.
I left early so I would not have to drive crazy.
I arrived right on time with plenty of time to set up. 
Things were going great, until they were not so great. 
Granted this is a photo of our neighbors booth at Raspberry Days a few years past, but it looks exactly how my booth looked an hour into the market last night. 

My canopy busted.  Even with 50lb weights on each corner, we did not last. My table tipped over, my product blew on the ground and the rain drops ruined the labels on my soap. Lucky for us there were many wonderful people who helped retrieve the bags and tissue paper that had blown across the market lot. I felt horrible because there were facebook friends (thanks for all your support) and other vendors I had not seen for a long while trying to catch up and talk about the lavender and all I could do was hold down the canopy.  
We packed up and headed home to see what product was not ruined. 
As we were driving away from the market the clouds broke and the sun came out (of course they did).
I thought about turning around, but my will and my heart was so deflated.  

So, for next week:
I'll have our "Lavender Babies" and fresh bunches of lavender.

I will also have little maps on how to get to our place. They will be simple and easy to follow directions.  So, as soon as you are done shopping the market, you can head up to watch the sun set at Lavender Hill. And, I'll have my lavender lemon cookies for refreshments. 

We are almost open! Here is how we are looking.

May is when we get a lot of phone calls to come out and pick lavender....
We tell them to call back in July.
You can see new growth, but also some brown winter kill. 
It is brittle and will crumble away if you work at it with some gloves on. 
For some reason this photo will not rotate, but turn your head to the right and you can see that there is still snow on top of the mountain. 


June, things are starting to green up. 
We get twice as many calls to come out as we did in May....
We just let them know to call back in July. 
This is looking up the hill on Phase 3. (again rotate your head to the right)
Stems are about 4" tall. 
The hops on the arbor are just about to the top. 
June is always, bark, Bark and more BARK.
A fresh layer everywhere makes everything look fresh. 

The stems are getting longer!  
No signs of color yet, but it sure makes for a nice place to sit after the sun has set. 

Sunrise.  My Mom works so hard every year getting the waterfall cleaned.  
She saved a bucket of little tad poles to put back into the pond, but overnight some wild guest ate every one of them. 
Royal Velvet.
The hops are to the top and over the front edge. 
When it is quiet, Izzy will follow you through the garden. 
Looking out over the valley. 

And that is all for today!
Check out the calendar for dates we are open. 
If you know you will be up with a few friends, please call and make and appointment.
And here are a few directions. Remember we only have parking for 4 cars. If you arrive and the parking spaces are full, just call or wait at the bottom of the drive and my Dad will show you were to park.
Please do not park on the road, it is not safe for other drivers.  
801-745-2744 (Jackie's Home)
801-645-4890 (Carli's Cell)