Friday, February 14, 2014

Update On My Sanity

I'm updating the calendar and going through pictures from last year. It has all gone by so fast due to my new little "Lavender Baby".  I think an average age for a "Lavender Lady" running a lavender buisness is 45+. Forty Five and pretty much an Empty Nester with plenty of time to sew, cook and create. Right? 

Me, I turned 30 (GASP) this year.

   and I now have this cutie...
 and couple of these..
.....and now, life is very, very, busy. 
I wake up early (sometimes) and work on the computer.  I stay up late (a lot of the time) to sew and label. I rely on my cell phone's voice mail to take a message because its my turn to teach preschool this week. I read the "Mom Blogs" on how to simplify life, meal planning and how to de clutter.  I read short books like, "The E-Myth" for tips on running a small buisness and being successful. And I have to say, "No" to more and more things all to maintain sanity.  
Do I sound distressed?
It is because I am...just a little. (smile)

So, we won't be attending the SLC Farmer's Market, the Ogden Farmer's Market, Simple Treasures, Kottage Kupboard - Mother's Day, Mutton Hollow, MS Event, Park Silly, or (hang on, this one is rough) Swiss Days 2014. (eeek!)

But don't worry, we will still be open this summer!
And do a couple boutiques (check the calendar).
 We will still have garden tours with lavender lemonade and my cookies.
 And we will still have wand classes.
And just seeing this next picture brings peace to my soul. I can feel the warm air, smell the scent of lavender, hear the bees buzzing and my worries go away.  Spring is just around the corner and I will see you soon.
~ Carli