Sunday, March 1, 2015

Purple Cabinet - 2015 - Opening Day at Willard Bay is Tomorrow!

 The Purple Cabinet is stocked and ready!
Willard Bay will be OPEN tomorrow.  Get on down to get your seeds and get signed up for Basket Daze. 
 I'll be getting more of the lovely lavender mugs (with the bee inside) by Mother's day, but for now I am out.  The display is still cute with the little spring chick. 
I have a little spring treat too...that I will put out soon.  It has to do with the bath tub, but are not bath bombs.  I'm really excited for them. I've been gifting them out to my neighbors and friends to get feed back...and even my husband said he liked the Ginger Detox one.  But those details will be on next week's post.  Happy March 1st!

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