Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love, Lavender, Love

February is near and that brings Valentine's Day.
I have been asked if I will be making my fizzing cup cakes again, and the answer is, "Yes!". 
I am already decorating with a few hearts and Valentine's decor,
My display at Green The World on Ogden's 25th Street. 

 ...but the fizzing cup cakes and bath bombs 
won't be out till Feb 2nd.  
Pamper your sweetheart in an all-natural Lavender Hill way.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New in the New Year

At Lavender Hill we are changing a few things.  But then again things are always changing.  With the demands of poor health, growing children, the need for making more memories and just plain life....things are changing.

We are going to huddle in and stay close to home.  No more jaunts to SLC or beyond to restock. No more huge 3 day long holiday shows where we are packing our product through snow and rain. No more extending ourselves to the point that we have no time to create. I have so many....SO MANY... wonderful things that I want to add to the product line, but I just don't have the time.

I still need to of course apply and see if there is room for us, but below are the events that we HOPE to be doing in 2015.

Jan -
Feb -
March -
April - Ogden Regional - private event
May - Westminster Silver Tea - private event, Mother's Day
June - Weber Basin Spring Garden Fair, Father's Day
July - 4th of July at Huntsville Park, bloom begins, u-pick begins, Eden Farmer's market begins
Aug - Balloon Festival, Swiss Days at my Aunt's
Sept - Harvest Moon on 25th St. in Ogden
Oct -
Nov - Festive Follies
Dec -

Keep it close, keep it simple. 

Did I mention I moved closer to my parents place in Eden?  We closed on our old house Christmas Eve and moved over the holidays. Talk about new.  New school, new home, new yard, new temperatures and my new lavender office.

My new lavender office.  Still needs to be filled with all my crafting "stuff", but it is coming together. 

 My daughter looking out over where we are going to plant lavender this spring. We are watching the sun come up. And yes, she is wearing Elmo jammies, a tutu, snow boots and her brother's bear hat.
This is a January 2015 sunrise here in Liberty.  A new day in a new place. 

The calendar is (as best I can at the moment) updated for 2015
Click HERE to see what we have planned.